Technology is all around us. For most, technology is never more than an arm’s length away. From personal computers and laptops to smartphones, tablets, and personal fitness trackers, even our vehicles are equipped with some form of technology access. As pharmacy’s role in the patient-care team expands, technology is becoming a greater factor in removing barriers between the pharmacy and a patient’s other healthcare providers. This expanded team provides a more collaborative, efficient process to improve patient outcomes.

Simple things like having an IVR system or website handle refills for the pharmacy or synching patients’ medications and dispensing them in handy, compliance strip packs to make it easier for them to remember are key. Pharmacies must be prepared to keep patients compliant and adherent; not only is this the pharmacist’s passion, but their Star Ratings depend on it.

Data sharing and technology are making it easier for pharmacies to provide better patient care. Collecting information about patients and discussing their health concerns was historically done in a face-to-face conversation. Now, patients can discuss health-related issues and concerns with their physicians and pharmacists via secure portals and direct messaging. Things like interfaces with MTM programs and automatic reporting of immunizations to state registries can free up valuable time to spend with patients—time they would otherwise be spending on paperwork and other administrative tasks.

QS/1’s role is to provide pharmacies with the tools necessary to adapt to this rapidly changing market and give them a substantial competitive advantage. We provide the technology to speed workflow and track compliance and reimbursement, thereby increasing the time available for important counseling opportunities.

We’re helping to create positive outcomes with synchronization tools to increase both adherence and the level of service to patients. In addition, QS/1 provides tools for home delivery, immunizations, medication therapy management, comprehensive medication reviews and mobile refills. These options allow pharmacies to provide more services to patients while keeping them engaged in their healthcare.

Our latest innovation, the SharpRx Pharmacy Management System, contains adherence tools such as prescription synchronization, refill reminders, and our IVR interface. IVR not only provides patients the ability to order refills whenever it’s convenient but can also make outbound reminder and compliance calls. SharpRx also includes e-Prescribing, price and clinical updates, images and imprints, prior authorization, patient monographs, and PDMP reporting. Labels and forms can be easily customized for patients, including enlarging the font for patients with impaired vision.

QS/1 DeliveryRx is a free iPad app that gives pharmacies a simple process for providing prescription delivery, making it easier to deliver medications to patients in remote areas without Wi-Fi or cellular service. And with our mobileRx smartphone app, patients can view their profiles, order refills easily, and set up medication-reminder alerts.

Since 1977, QS/1 has been at the forefront of pharmacy technology, providing pharmacy-management solutions that enable pharmacists to deliver enhanced patient care while keeping pace with the evolving healthcare industry.

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