Teelah Corporation announced that their new product, marketed as YumVs Zero Diabetic Multivitamin, is the first-ever daily dietary gummy supplement for adults with diabetes. This new product is a special formulation of vitamins and minerals that are typically deficient in individuals with diabetes.

YumVs Zero Diabetic Gummy Multivitamins contain 14 essential vitamins and minerals, as well as the vitamins and minerals important for individuals with diabetes. This includes magnesium (which aids in maintaining blood glucose levels), thiamine (which aids in production of insulin), chromium (which may improve glucose levels and hemoglobin A1C percentages), and vitamin B12 (which is often deficient in individuals with diabetes and can also improve cardiac health). This new product is keto-friendly and free of sugar, sugar alcohols, artificial flavors, gluten, and genetically modified organisms.

In the press release, Asher Tyberg, CEO of Teelah Corporation, stated, "We are thrilled to bring this product to the hundreds of millions of American adults who have diabetes or are prediabetic. Sugar-free gummy vitamins are a tremendously popular platform of supplements due to their great taste, but their sugar content placed these off limits for people with diabetes and those watching sugar content. Not only is this a sugar-free option, it's the first time we've formulated a product to address the specific deficiencies that can be seen in people with diabetes. It's exciting and our retail partners have really gotten behind this innovation, pushing to get the product on shelves as fast as possible."

The manufacturer also noted that this new product may also be beneficial for those adults who are prediabetic or are simply monitoring their sugar intake. They are available as raspberry-flavored chewable gummies with zero net carbs and can be purchased at Walgreens, Amazon.com, and https://yumvs.com/product/diabetic-multivitamin-gummies/.

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