Uncovering the Impact of Storage on Generic Medications

One of the most easily overlooked factors that can directly impact the quality of a drug product is the condition in which medications are stored.

Primary Diagnosis of COPD in the Ambulatory-Care Setting

In 2019, about 8.1 million adults were diagnosed during an emergency-department visit and 5.7 million were diagnosed during a physician office visit.

Overview of TNF Inhibitors for Treating Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Although noncurative therapies are widely used, patient relapse and treatment failures add to the difficulties of managing this condition.

Specialty Pharmacy News Digest

Clinical developments related to specialty pharmacy.

Ketoconazole 2% Nasal Spray

Pharmacists are being asked to provide antifungal drugs in nasal delivery systems, which is a challenge given the agents’ poor aqueous solubility.

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