New Drug Review 2020

Highlighting newly approved medications that treat acne vulgaris, insomnia, chronic idiopathic constipation, and acute migraine with or without aura.

PTA: Influenza

Although a very mild case of the flu might be mistaken for the common cold, many people have more severe symptoms beyond merely a sore throat and nasal congestion. View a vidoe about Influenza.

Hypoglycemia Prevention and Treatment in the Ambulatory Care Setting

Despite many recent therapeutic and technological advances, hypoglycemia remains a significant barrier to treatment intensification and the achievement of individualized glycemic goals in diabetes patients.

Glaucoma: The Pharmacist Has a Better Vision

Glaucoma is a major public health concern as a leading cause of irreversible vision loss.

Drug Considerations for Medication Therapy in Cirrhosis

Because the liver is the primary site of drug metabolism, the pharmacokinetic profiles of drugs can be altered in patients with cirrhosis.

Newly Approved HIV Medications

 The  antiretroviral (ARV)  drugs available for the treatment of HIV have expanded since 2018.

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