Inappropriate Use of Skeletal Muscle Relaxants in Geriatric Patients

One class of medications with the potential for inappropriate prescribing in geriatric patients is skeletal muscle relaxants. 

Drug-Induced Nutrient Depletions: What Pharmacists Need to Know

Drug-induced nutrient depletions are critical to evaluate when pharmacists review the safety and efficacy of patients’ medication therapies.

An Update on Smoking Cessation

Smoking cessation will improve a patient's health at any age, regardless of how long he or she has smoked, or how often.

Trends in Medical Visits for Digestive Diseases

Each year, according to the NAMCS, digestive diseases affect 60 million to 70 million people, causing 4.6 million hospitalizations, 72 million ambulatory-care visits, and 236,000 deaths.

Assessing Cardiovascular Data for Emerging Diabetes Agents

A number of new medications are approved for treating hyperglycemia, but their cardiovascular safety is under scrutiny and is the subject of ongoing clinical trials.

Antiplatelet Therapy for Secondary Prevention of Ischemic Stroke

Antiplatelet therapy has been shown to reduce the risk of recurrent stroke in patients who have already experienced a noncardioembolic ischemic stroke or transient ischemic attack. 

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