Human Papillomavirus Primer for Pharmacists

Over the years, primary prevention for cervical cancer has shifted from screening for HPV to proactively vaccinating against the virus.

Insomnia Treatment Update With a Focus on Orexin Receptor Antagonists

Recent studies suggest that insomnia is a risk factor for mood disorders, hypertension, and relapse of depression and alcoholism.

Pandemic Shifts Online Mental Health Counseling Into High Gear

The COVID-19 crisis may have permanently increased the delivery of psychiatric counseling through telehealth, which researchers say is uniquely suited to supplying these healthcare services.

Dehydroepiandrosterone 10 mg Rapid-Dissolve Tablets

Among the uses of DHEA is the treatment of certain hormonal disorders.

Trends in Treatment for Mental-Health Disorders

In 2019, approximately 19% of adult patients who were diagnosed with mental-health disorders received treatment for these disorders.

Recent Trends for Selected Common Diseases in Men

Rates of diabetes diagnosis and chronic pain in males were higher in 2020 than in 2019, but the rate of arthritis diagnosis decreased during the same period.

Tylenol Cold & Flu Q&A

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