Stuffy, Sneezy, and Congested: Allergic Rhinitis and Self-Care Management

Allergic rhinitis (AR) is a highly prevalent atopic disease characterized by clear rhinorrhea, nasal congestion, sneezing, postnasal drip, and pruritus of the eyes, ears, nose, and throat.

COVID-19 News Digest

Clinical news developments related to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Role of Oral Antibiotics in Bacterial Bloodstream Infections

The decision to use po alternatives to IV agents, with their inherent costs and risks, should be based on current evidence as well as patient, pathogen, and drug characteristics.

Inspire Upper Airway Stimulation System

This device is indicated for use in patients aged 22 years and older with obstructive sleep apnea who demonstrate failure of or intolerance to PAP treatment.

Ketamine Hydrochloride 10%, Gabapentin 10%, and Ketoprofen 10% in Lipoderm

Treatments for complex regional pain syndrome are limited, so the use of topical ketamine and other agents is promising.

Update on the Safety and Efficacy of Oral Anticoagulation in CKD and ESRD

Patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) and end-stage renal disease (ESRD) may have greater risk for atrial fibrillation, stroke/systemic embolism, and bleeding, so the net benefit of anticoagulation is controversial.

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