In a press release issued in April, the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) gave various tips from board-certified dermatologists about the value of telemedicine and provided key information on how to better prepare patients for telemedicine visits. In the press release, board-certified dermatologist Jennifer David, DO, MBA, FAAD, who founded her own virtual dermatology practice, stated, “Telemedicine is a wonderful way to connect with your physician, especially for busy families, those with demanding work schedules, and those who live in remote areas. However, just as you would prepare for an in-person doctor’s visit, it’s important to spend a few minutes preparing for a virtual visit to make your appointment as valuable and useful as it can be.”

Dr. David recommends the following tips: 1) before your appointment, contact your insurance provider to find out if your plan covers telemedicine appointments; 2) gather essential medical information, including names of medications, current health issues, medical history, and allergies; 3) have any questions for your doctor written down before the appointment; 4) when practical, take picture of the dermatologic area to show the doctor during the appointment and take a picture in well-lit areas or in natural light; 5) avoid irritating the skin before the appointment since this may alter the appearance of the skin; and 6) use a quiet and private area for your appointment to avoid distractions and to minimize noise.

In the press release, Dr Davis states, “While telemedicine can’t always replace an in-person visit with your dermatologist, it can help in times when you can’t get to their office. After your appointment, depending on your condition, your dermatologist may schedule another appointment with you—either in-person or another telemedicine appointment—to see if your condition is improving. Make sure to keep any follow-up appointments that your dermatologist recommends to stay healthy.”

The press release reveals that these tips are all demonstrated in an education video entitled, How to Prepare for a Telemedicine Visit, which is posted on the AAD website. This video is part of the AAD’s Video of the Month series, which presents suggestions individuals can utilize to properly care for their skin, hair, and nails.

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